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Celebrating our Two Year Travel Birthday


11th July 2014. We’ve been two years on the road – 104 weeks, or 730 days – where has it gone?!! And now we’re embarking on Year 3 …. But only for a month, then we’ll be home, which we all have mixed feelings about! Can’t wait to see all our friends and family, enjoy […]

Our adventures so far …. the second year


Latest Update 11.07.14 Today marks the end of our second year of travel! 730 days on the road. Where did it go?!? We’re still trying to write up all our stories and post them, but meanwhile, here is an up to date snapshot of the journey in year 2! I’ll be adding a mix of […]

Draft Itinerary Year 2….

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March 2014. This page shows our Year 2 Itinerary as at June 2013 when we were in New Zealand. I remember adding the page as I sat at the dining table in my friend Claire’s house in Auckland, feeling like this was our home away from home midway break before we embarked on the second […]

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