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Tea, temples and so much more in Sri Lanka


We hadn’t thought to include Sri Lanka in our plans, but when we realised it was a good place to apply for Indian visas and we could take a cheap flight from Kuala Lumpur and head on to Southern India, whilst hopefully meeting with our friends from Penang who had put us up for 10 days […]

When you know it is time to go home…


– No more space in your passport – Your clothes fall apart despite all the repairs – Your bank cards stop working as the magnetic strip is in pieces and even Sellotape can’t help – Everything in your first aid kit is going out of date – The computer’s hard disk has no space for […]

Hello India!


I am finally posting this from North India, in July, on our second adventure in India. If you want to see more recent news, you’ll have to check on Instagram. But now, we’re re-winding to February 2014 and our first stop in India when I actually started writing this post…Kerala, South West India The kids […]

Celebrating our Two Year Travel Birthday


11th July 2014. We’ve been two years on the road – 104 weeks, or 730 days – where has it gone?!! And now we’re embarking on Year 3 …. But only for a month, then we’ll be home, which we all have mixed feelings about! Can’t wait to see all our friends and family, enjoy […]

The Real Maldives on a gap year budget!

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February 2014. We arrive in the Maldives, our 22nd country, from Sri Lanka on our 45th flight, and celebrate our 18 month travelling milestone. So we’re not going to be able to brag about our light carbon footprint – it’s a long old way around this globe and with low cost airlines luring us to […]

A Borneo Adventure and a KL Pit-Stop!


First to Borneo… After a second month-long stay in Bali we are all too soon saying goodbye to friends again, and flying off, this time, to Sabah, the more easterly state of Malaysian Borneo for 6 days. This was a fairly last minute plan, partly because the flights were ridiculously cheap and partly to see […]

Back to Bali – and more friends and festivities …


We fly back to Bali from Singapore because we loved it so much a month ago and decided it was worth looping back for Christmas and New Year and seeing more of the friends we enjoyed our time with on the last trip! We have a relaxed 3 weeks in the most glorious villa we’ve […]

Our adventures so far …. the second year


Latest Update 11.07.14 Today marks the end of our second year of travel! 730 days on the road. Where did it go?!? We’re still trying to write up all our stories and post them, but meanwhile, here is an up to date snapshot of the journey in year 2! I’ll be adding a mix of […]

Family Gap Year (or 2) Maps

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This was the original first draft plan. Leaving London and flying south west in July 2012. I’m surprised we haven’t deviated more really! … Our grand plan – the first draft (created Feb 2012) which you can view by clicking and dragging the map to view the route.  And here’s where we’ve ended up……please excuse the […]

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