Ben 10 in Buenos Aires

I had my 10th birthday in Buenos Aires. My family thought it was very funny to call me Ben 10 and give me Ben 10 gifts. My little sister Lara gave me a Ben 10 toothbrush!

Luckily I persuaded them to buy me a finger skateboard and not the cuddly Ben 10!

Luckily I persuaded them to buy me a finger skateboard and not the cuddly Ben 10 at this toy shop in Buenos Aires!

Before my birthday, I wrote a To Do list that looked like this:-

Ben’s Birthday List of TTD

Bubble bath
Breakfast – pancakes with lemon and sugar and maple syrup
Pillow fight with whole family
Hopping races round dining room table
Go out to buy chocolate and sweets
Lovely lunch at Dadas with lots of carpaccio and as many drinks as we like
Mum and Dad to take me to a surprise place as a treat
Have a snack at our house with some non alcoholic beer and pasta
(cheese ravioli with meat tomato sauce and fetucini with pesto sauce)
Go out to a toy shop and buy a small toy or Lego
Go to dinner and have steak, drinks, carpaccio and lovely stuff
Home for all my presents
Pub for a drink and a packet of crisps or something
Home buy and watch a movie of Ben’s choice
Little goodnight snack with drink and chocolate
Bed and sleep in Mum and Dad’s bed
That’s all!

Well it was a bit tricky to fit everything in but we did quite well!

We were staying in a small apartment in Buenos Aires. We’d just come back from Uruguay and couldn’t find anything like what we had before but it was ok and Mum and Dad made sure to book a place with a bath!

Cards Presents and Facetime

Cards Presents and Facetime

First I opened presents wrapped in plastic bags and homemade cards, while face timing with Oma and our friends the Maskell’s back home who had made me a really cool birthday video.

Then I had a bubble bath and we had the pancakes for breakfast, played with new stuff including Lego and army figures as well as a small football from Uruguay! Cool presents!

You might not think a bubble bath is so special but trust me, after 8 months without one, its pretty cool!

You might not think a bubble bath is so special but trust me, after 8 months without one, its pretty cool!

We went out into the city as we had to change money and buy bus tickets but we stopped at a toy shop and got some finger skateboards (Ben 10 of course!) and had a fab lunch at Dada restaurant. It’s a cool bistro bar and they had amazing carpaccio and steak!



After lunch, the surprise was to go to an indoor fair called Neverland where we did some cool rides! Even Mum had to go on a ride because Lara was 1cm too short to go without an adult! Poor Mum!  We went to Starbucks and had Frapucinos then I got a final Lego pressy and we went home.

Rides in Wonderland, Buenos Aires

Rides in Wonderland, Buenos Aires

The fancy pasta shop had shut and we were still stuffed from lunch so we got snacks non alcoholic beer, tonic water and a huge tub of ice cream then went home and had a pillow flight and other games. But the pillow fight didn’t really count because Mum didn’t join in she only took photos!

A family gap year birthday pillow flight!

A family gap year birthday pillow flight!

I had a brilliant day and couldn’t believe the presents I got! I missed seeing my friends and doing something at home but my day in Buenos Aires definitely made up for it!

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  1. percykins111
    Jun 04, 2013 @ 05:29:02

    Sounds like it was a vvvvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyyy exciting birthday


  2. Bill Cook
    Jun 04, 2013 @ 12:39:59

    Happy birthday Ben. Tell me; what is a finger skateboard


    • Ben
      Jun 24, 2013 @ 05:55:03

      Hi Bill,
      There’s me with one in the first picture there on the blog in between the toothbrush shots! – a 3 inch skateboard that you ‘ride’ around walls, floors, anywhere, with your finger.
      Maybe I will make a video of it in action. Not as fun as a real skateboard (but I couldn’t get one of those in my rucksack!)


      • Bill Cook
        Jun 24, 2013 @ 07:16:29

        Hi Ben,

        Thanks for the reply; I am now a wiser man. I will see if I can find some over here for my grandchildren. Hope that you enjoy New Zealand.

        Regards to all,


  3. Liz Krupinski
    Jun 04, 2013 @ 21:33:53

    Happy Birthday Ben. Our Ben is 16yrs old today (5th June) Looking forward to seeing you all one day!!!!


    • Mo
      Jun 05, 2013 @ 05:18:51

      Thanks Liz and Happy Birthday to Ben 16 for today/tomorrow … its still the 4th here, just across the dateline from you… getting closer, we’ll be in New Zealand next week!


  4. Val
    Jun 04, 2013 @ 21:36:07

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN! Love from all of us at Woodridge! Brilliant blog. Can’t wait to share it with the kids. X


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