Birthday Countdown

Zoe at Browns RestaurantI went out for a treat tonight with my Mum to Browns restaurant in Brighton and we decided to do a blog post while we waited for my ice cream to arrive. More

Follow the Rainbow

It rained yesterday afternoon, it was also sunny, so weather confused. Unusual for England I know. I thought they might like to see the rainbow and a shout of ‘Who’s going to be first to see?’ quickly got everyone to the top of the house.

I can only remember Lara going ‘Wow!’ but the others were also enthralled in a fleeting moment of beauty.

May we see many more rainbows.

double rainbow

Double Rainbow (Sponsored by Pride in Brighton)


Lighting a fire for lunch

Making fire in the woods for lunch

Reality check. Just had 2 viewings on our house and one seems keen. Brilliant! Oh, they want to move in a month before we go? It would certainly make our preparations move on more quickly.

Maybe we could live in the woods? Make fire by rubbing two sticks together?

We would be foolish to say no and would just have to manage, we could go away at half term and then be creative for the 4 weeks until the end of the summer term and we fly.

Dad and Ben in a debris shelter

Ben is happy with his new bedroom

Better start packing and hopefully throwing away all the clutter that accumulates when you have enough space to keep it.

I have been super busy with work but expect more blog posts as we count down to our family gap year!

An interview with Lara

It was tricky to interview Lara for a blog post! Perhaps Mum needs to refine her interview technique but anyway, this was our first effort!!

Lara, what do you think about our plans to travel the world?


What are you looking forward to most?


Well, we won’t be going to Brighton when we go traveling because we’ll be going further away!

Oh!! Well then, you choose for me Mummy!

You see, Brighton is near where we live now but when we go on our travels we’ll go to other countries

But mummy – this is England!

Ok, what do you think you might miss?

My toys and lots of my teddies and my friends….

Mummy!! We need to take some party bags on holiday … we have to!   Because it’s gonna be my birthday!

Do you think you’ll want to come home again after our trip?


What do you think about Mummy and Daddy being your teachers? Its called ‘home school’ – or maybe ‘road school’?


Actually, no!  I don’t want to go on holiday, just stay at my school!

95 days and counting…

The countdown to departure day (d-day) on my iPhone is now under 100! 95 days today, to be precise.

We now have a to let sign outside our house and we’ve started the long process of decluttering! This is a big deal for us,  More

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