My five year old first family gap year!

[Lara was four and a half when we started travelling – she’s spent a year on the road. When we get back to the UK next summer, she’ll be six and a half and will have been travelling for almost a third of her life. Will she remember home? How will she adjust back to a settled life? She’s an adaptable and resilient young lady who takes pretty much everything in her stride with the exception of trying too many new foods without a lot of bribery and corruption!

Lara's travels

Lara’s travels

We decided it was high time for an interview with Lara so we could see what she thinks and share her views on our family gap year(s) ………]


Messing about in boats

This weekend, we had friends to stay, peeled Martin away from his computer, put packing, paperwork and planning to one side and went out for a beautiful day in the sunshine to Arundel. It was a lovely reminder of what we are looking forward to most from our trip, hanging out together and enjoying life! We had a lot of fun on the boating lake and surprisingly no-one fell in – it was idyllic!

Martin and kids boating

Back to rain, computers, school ,work and preparation today! Its only 58 days before we fly – more scarily, its 43 days before we move out of our home. More

We’re booked!

Cristo Redentor, statue on Corcovado mountain ...

So whilst my lovely workaholic hubby was blogging away earlier tonight, I was getting our 3 children to bed! But oh, he of little faith! Who needs to wait till tomorrow? I successfully booked our first flight using Avios miles and Amex BA companion vouchers – yes, we actually found availability! Thank you BA and thank you Amex! We’re headed to Rio de Janeiro on 11th July 2012! YAY!!! More

The Best Travel Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Best Travel Credit Cards

If you go on holiday and spend £1000 on your credit card any idea how much you pay in fees? I hadn’t a clue, hardly top of my list of priorities if you are going away for a few days. So off to Google and Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert who do a nice comparison. Ouch… More

The Adventure Travel Show, how useful for a Family Gap Year?

With Oma baby sitting and Mo and I nursing mild hangovers we jumped on a train up to Olympia to visit the Adventure Travel Show a couple of weekends ago to do some research for our family gap year. Not sure what to expect but as usual nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I recognised quite a few of the speakers but the closest we got to any talks was standing next to Charley Boorman in the coffee area which was a shame as I would have found them pretty interesting (and Mo would have worried that I was after a bit too much adventure!). Nick Hewer of Apprentice fame was giving a talk More

Zoe’s Memories – The Adventure in Cambodia and Thailand

In Zoe’s exact words (and Dad just typing).

We went on a fantastic elephant More

Daddy, what about Christmas presents?

Christmas in the Clark household is a bit like a big pass the parcel game, lots of unwrapping and a brief moment of delight at getting something (or a disappointed oh?).

Given that Ben and Zoe were back to playing with their (old) Lego by the Queen’s speech and making a spy mission kit out of the cardboard boxes that the presents came in it crossed our minds, not for the first time, that perhaps our kids are a bit spoiled. More

I thought you had Zoe?

‘I thought you had Zoe?’ echoed between Mo and me as we got out of our cars. 10 minutes earlier we had both left the same school strings evening with 1 child each when really one of us should have had 2. Not a conversation to have when you have just departed on an overnight train, next stop Ulaan Baatar! More

a blogging we shall go…

What a great idea, create a blog for our family gap year?!!? It feels right and wrong in so many ways: More

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