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A family who packed up our bags and left the UK for an adventure. Is it a midlife crisis for Mum and Dad or just the sense of adventure in our blood and a bit of frustration with the madness of everyday 21st century life?!

We wanted to do something more and different with our children, get away from our pampered and frenetic lives, share wonderful experiences together, grow as a family and hopefully find our way on a different and more enriched future. And we have!

We set off for Brazil on 11 July 2012 and spent our first nine months in South America. We have learned Spanish, though only enough to survive. We visited 9 countries and saw, learned and experienced a tremendous amount. You can see our 9 month South America blog at 9 Months, 9 Countries… , posted in April 2013.

Next we headed into the Pacific and explored some of the beautiful islands there before heading on to New Zealand where we’re currently enjoying some home from home time with Mo’s wonderful schoolfriend Claire and her lovely son Jack. We may head south and ski, then we’re planning to head to some more gems in the Pacific and then Australia and Asia. We’ve realised just how fast a year goes when you are travelling around the world and so decided to extend our journey for a second year . To be honest, you could say we’re just getting into the groove so to head home in August 2013 seems way too soon. Read more about our decision in Martin’s blog Breaking News.

We’ve met some fabulous travelling families along the way, some travelling for a year, some longer, made many new friends, travellers, ex pats, locals. We love to hear from other travellers and if our globetrotting paths can converge, even better. Please get in touch!

Last updated – June 2013

Mo– age 27 (well I managed to get the children to believe this for some time!) Went backpacking a long time before children, in 1992/3 and caught the travel bug pretty bad. It was a fairly typical round the world route – journeying through Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and finally around the US and Canada. Since then, she managed some great shorter trips in Africa, Nepal and back in South East Asia, to Laos and Vietnam, and before kids – a lot of idyllic long weekends in France! After 25 years of working in the Corporate IT world, with gaps for backpacking and three maternity leaves, this is an exciting career break and a wonderful time to catch up on missed time with the family. Number 1 is spending time and sharing the experience with my family. In addition, having the chance to discover some of the best places on the planet, meet and get to know new and different people, find some volunteer opportunities along the way, learn a language together, teach my children (even though I’m sure this will sometimes be agonising!) and perhaps even finding some divine inspiration for the next/future step(s) in my career! (still waiting for that) A year in, it’s not time to go home. We have grown as a family – with plenty of growing pains along the way, but so much gained! There is nothing more wonderful that watching my children taking care of each other in a new situation, making new friends, bravely trying new experiences, learning and growing up every day and discussing what age and where they will take their own children one day on their Round the World adventures!
Martin – Mo’s toyboy, which makes him 23ish! Entrepreneur, traveller and foodie. A recovering workaholic who now enjoys spending a lot more time with his family. Before our family gap year I spent 25 years organising thousands of corporate events across the globe and have been lucky to experience some of the world’s best hotels and restaurants when not living in a mud hut and cooking over a camp fire… guess which is the most fun!
Ben – The entrepreneur, Ben has sold rocks he collected from the local beach to old ladies at ‘Ben’s Rock Shop’ outside our home?!
Zoe – Our princess, gymnast and Little Mum to Lara.
Lara – Likes chocolate and Mum although not sure which order they come in. Daredevil extraordinaire.

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