Urban Jungle Camp

In Urban Jungle Exploring Ben and Zoe built a camp in the garden using whatever they could lay their hands on.  But what use is a camp if you can’t sleep in it? How could Dad resist when they asked so nicely and as Mo was out I couldn’t get a second opinion so I said yes until Mum comes home:

makeshift camp in garden



Urban Jungle Exploring

Who needs a family gap year for a bit of adventure when you can explore the Urban Jungle? Mum was out so the mice could play.

As usual they waved goodbye as Mum drove off to her girlie night out and I thought they would soon be back inside. Not hearing anything for a few minutes I glanced out of the window…

Ben, Zoe and Lara on a climbing adventure

Spot the children? (there are 3)

Luckily Lara is quite the climber


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