Rio Napo – Diary Days 6-7 Rumi Tumi and Ango Terra

We pack up early and leave, hoping to gain back some lost time and distance on the river.

Beautiful sunrise at Nuevo Vencedores

Drowned Rats – Boipeba to Morro de Sao Paulo

We expected our gap year to feature some excitement but as so often with these things it can come at unexpected times. Super relaxed after a week on peaceful Boipeba staying at what could easily be the best pousada in Brazil and looking forward to our next stop in Morro de Sao Paulo we boarded our speedboat and waved goodbye.

Waving goodbye to Boipeba

Bye Bye Boipeba

The weather was overcast but this often clears quickly and we were impressed with the speedboat. Bigger than the normal motor launches it looked the business and we were sure Charles was right and it was the most comfortable boat around and at R$200 a bargain as they were picking up more guests in Morro!

On the way down to Boipeba we took the route through the mangroves from Valenca and expected to go this way again as most boats arrive this way. It is lovely and calm but about twice as long as the sea route if you look at the map. As often is the case ‘assume’ makes an ass out of you and me and our skipper headed straight out to sea. More

From Ilha Grande to Paraty and back to Rio

We’ve just taken off on a flight out of Rio, on our way to Brasilia, with fabulous views over Sugarloaf and the many bays and islands of the city. It’s exactly 4 weeks since we arrived in Rio and began our family gap year! The time has flown!

Copacabana beach, Sugarloaf to the right of the wing and Christ the Redeemer sits atop the peak on the right of the pic with his head in the clouds!

We didn’t expect to stay in Rio de Janeiro state for a month. To be truthful, (and to the horror of many of our friends) we didn’t have much planned for Brazil at all


First Casualty

And the winner is…


A few weeks into our family gap year she has managed to break:

  • A shelf climbing on it
  • A toilet seat by jumping off it
  • An iPad by dropping it off the bed – luckily just a small crack on the edge of the screen and still usable

Dad managed to fix everything apart from the iPad with a spoon and swiss army knife.

Lara swinging on lamp post

Metal Tree Climbing

She has also had a few scrapes: More

Nice bug!

(we are back with better WiFi, expect more posts very soon, lots to tell, MMBZL)

I was walking out the door of our beach house when a most unusual creature dropped on my head. I brushed it off and then I very stupidly head butted the half opened door. I was a bit scared!

Ben with creepy crawly that landed on his head

Scary bug!

We took a close-up photo of the bug. More

Introducing Dad’s World School

Ben and Zoe playing cards

Zoe is all in!

Schools out but rather than 7 weeks we have 60 weeks on our family gap year so a bit of home schooling is going to be needed. So far Mo has made the running and talked to all the teachers at school, grabbed syllabuses, work books and been carrying them! I have volunteered to do Maths as English and languages are not something I am particularly good at, apparently lawyers use more punctuation than I do?

Teaching is More

Urban Jungle Camp

In Urban Jungle Exploring Ben and Zoe built a camp in the garden using whatever they could lay their hands on.  But what use is a camp if you can’t sleep in it? How could Dad resist when they asked so nicely and as Mo was out I couldn’t get a second opinion so I said yes until Mum comes home:

makeshift camp in garden



Does anyone like needles?

Guinea Pigs. The two adult Guinea Pigs that li...

Martin is a Guinea Pig

Two months to go and we are ticking off some of the must do things on the list for our family gap year. Top was getting the right vaccinations so we stay healthy and it turns out that even though we already make pretty good pin cushions we need a few more.

Maybe we were ‘sold’ but the description of getting rabies


Birthday Countdown

Zoe at Browns RestaurantI went out for a treat tonight with my Mum to Browns restaurant in Brighton and we decided to do a blog post while we waited for my ice cream to arrive. More


Lighting a fire for lunch

Making fire in the woods for lunch

Reality check. Just had 2 viewings on our house and one seems keen. Brilliant! Oh, they want to move in a month before we go? It would certainly make our preparations move on more quickly.

Maybe we could live in the woods? Make fire by rubbing two sticks together?

We would be foolish to say no and would just have to manage, we could go away at half term and then be creative for the 4 weeks until the end of the summer term and we fly.

Dad and Ben in a debris shelter

Ben is happy with his new bedroom

Better start packing and hopefully throwing away all the clutter that accumulates when you have enough space to keep it.

I have been super busy with work but expect more blog posts as we count down to our family gap year!

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