Draft Itinerary Year 2….

March 2014. This page shows our Year 2 Itinerary as at June 2013 when we were in New Zealand. I remember adding the page as I sat at the dining table in my friend Claire’s house in Auckland, feeling like this was our home away from home midway break before we embarked on the second year of our adventures – coming home!

Needless to say, the best laid plans…. well, we don’t tend to travel to a very fixed plan! Part of the fun, to be honest, is being able to decide on a whim to do something different or even nothing at all! The most significant change to this plan was deciding that we wanted to be in Bali, not India, for Christmas, which made for quite an alternation!

If you would like to see how year 2 of our family gap year ( or 2) adventures have actually panned out, then read ‘Our adventures so far…. the second year’ which shows where we actually went and our revised plans for the remaining months, updated regularly(ish)!

June 2013. So, we have decided to take a second year to travel home from New Zealand! Through Australia and Asia.

Nothing is set in stone and we have several versions of the itinerary to play with – cutting down on countries would probably be a good idea –  but we can’t decide which ones! We want a mix of travelling through some countries and immersing ourselves in others.

Here’s our best guess at the moment!

Any suggestions or alternatives, we’d love to hear from you!

June 2013                      New Zealand  (still waiting to see if the weather is good enough to ski)

July 2013                      New Zealand – Fiji  – Vanuatu – Australia

August  2013                Australia (East coast journey from Sydney to Cairns)

September 2013         Australia  – Bali

October 2013               Lombok & Gili islands – Borneo (Indonesian and Malaysian)

November 2013          Malay Peninsular – S.  Thailand

December 2013           India  (flying Bangkok – Madras and hopefully Christmas in Kerala)

January 2014               India

February 2014             Nepal – Tibet – Bhutan – Myanmar

March 2014                   N Thailand – Laos – Cambodia – Vietnam  – overland journey

April 2014                      Hong Kong – Taiwan – Japan

May 2014                        Japan

June 2014                       China

July 2014                        China – Mongolia – Kazakhstan – Russia  (hopefully on the Trans-Siberian or trans Mongolian Railway)

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