Nine months, nine countries – South America in photos and stats!

11th April 2013. Nine months today since our family of five touched down in Rio de Janeiro on a BA flight from Heathrow, London to begin our Family Gap Year travelling around the world.

Our journey so far…

We’ve almost done a (kind of squashed) figure of 8 around the continent, flown or boated to islands in the Pacific and Atlantic and are now in Santiago, enjoying our last days before flying to Easter Island (part of Chile) and then on to Tahiti in French Polynesia.

Nine months, Nine countries. Our Family Gap Year journey so far...

Nine months, Nine countries. Our Family Gap Year journey so far…

We’ve been to More

Lara loves Boipeba

It’s 8.30am. We’re in Boipeba. Mum and Dad are upstairs and there are no children in their bed because there’s a little spiral staircase leading from the kid’s bedroom up to theirs which could be quite dangerous in the dark so it’s out of bounds. All being tucked in under our mossie nets helps! Zoe wakes first and is allowed to come up for a cuddle, then Lara…..

Windy stairs to Mum & Dad’s room!

It’s like we’re snuggled in a big bed in a lovely wooden tree house in the jungle.


One month to go

I saw the news today about the Camerons leaving their 8 yr old daughter in a pub because they both thought she was with her other parent! If you’ve read our earlier blogs you’ll know why we can sympathise! More


Lighting a fire for lunch

Making fire in the woods for lunch

Reality check. Just had 2 viewings on our house and one seems keen. Brilliant! Oh, they want to move in a month before we go? It would certainly make our preparations move on more quickly.

Maybe we could live in the woods? Make fire by rubbing two sticks together?

We would be foolish to say no and would just have to manage, we could go away at half term and then be creative for the 4 weeks until the end of the summer term and we fly.

Dad and Ben in a debris shelter

Ben is happy with his new bedroom

Better start packing and hopefully throwing away all the clutter that accumulates when you have enough space to keep it.

I have been super busy with work but expect more blog posts as we count down to our family gap year!

Nowhere to hide

I always thought it was difficult to get to the top of Google. Just searched for ‘mmbzl’ on Google and we are No.1, very impressed. More

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