Our adventures take us home… the third year

Updated 9.8.14

We have just checked out of our very last hotel, the Royal Penguin Boutique hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal – a mega splash out, a lovely place, bad for bargaining power though when you try to shop in the place right across the street!


We’re headed home – as you can read about in my last blog – One week to home….

Our third year and just a month to take us home from Taipei. The final month plan as I mentioned in ‘Our Adventures so far… The second year’ just last month our course changed, and we spent more of our 25th month travelling in India, then a few days here in Nepal and tonight we hop on a flight to Abu Dhabi, overnight in terminal 3 then fly back in the morning to London Heathrow. I have heard from some that Abu Dhabi is lovingly knows as Scabby Dabby and to expect a night of hell but my own research is coming up good for the relatively new terminal and I think we’ll be just fine in the reclining chairs in the quiet area with the dimmed lighting by the children’s play area! Fingers crossed!

So in the end, here’s where we ended up in our final crazy month of our third year of our crazy family gap year which turned into 25 months…..

In Summary

July 2014 (11th to 31st)

Taiwan – Via KL – India

August 2014 (1st to 10th)

India – Nepal – U.A.E. – UK ­čśÇ

In detail


11 July – Taipei – celebrating Our 2nd year anniversary of travelling

12 July – late night flight via KL to….



12 July – Calcutta

14 July – sleeper train to Varanasi

15 July – Varanasi

16 July – sleeper train to Agra

17 July – Agra

23 July – Jaipur

26 July – Jodhpur

28 July – sleeper train to Jaisalmer

29 July – Jaisalmer

1 August – sleeper train to Delhi

2 August – Delhi


4 August – Kathmandu

United Arab Emirates

9 August – Abu Dhabi (airport!)


10 August – London Heathrow and HOME!

Thanks for checking into our blog:) hope you’ve enjoyed it and to those who have followed us throughout an even bigger thank you for persevering with us and making us feel loved! We still have a mountain of posts to finish to share the whole journey so please stay and by the time the whole journey is told perhaps we’ll be ready for another! Never say never:)

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