Rock ‘n’ Roll Moai

As we are just about to buy our tickets to fly out of South America via Easter Island this is pretty topical. There are a 1000 of these ‘moai’ on Easter Island, up to 30ft tall and weighing more than a few tonnes. Scientists now think they, as the Easter islanders believed, actually walked into position.

Moai being moved on Easter Island

So that’s how it’s done?

There is more info and photos on the Daily Mail and National Geographic. We might take a couple of pics when we are there as well if we can avoid the 50,000 other tourists that visit each year!

We’re booked!

Cristo Redentor, statue on Corcovado mountain ...

So whilst my lovely workaholic hubby was blogging away earlier tonight, I was getting our 3 children to bed! But oh, he of little faith! Who needs to wait till tomorrow? I successfully booked our first flight using Avios miles and Amex BA companion vouchers – yes, we actually found availability! Thank you BA and thank you Amex! We’re headed to Rio de Janeiro on 11th July 2012! YAY!!! More

Should we buy a Round the World ticket – Mo’s response and thoughts….

Moai at Rano Raraku, Easter Island

Easter Island

No no no – I spent much of yesterday afternoon looking into how we can fly To Rio using air miles and buy tickets from Santiago onward. Easier said than done. Really disappointed to discover that ‘hopping’ around Pacific Islands is not quite the same as ‘hopping’ around Greek Islands…


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