Amazing Amazon Animals – not everything you expect!

The children at Woodridge school have followed our journey and sent us some questions! They asked me to tell them about more amazing animals & insects I’ve seen, after they enjoyed my posts about hairy caterpillars and piranhas.

We’ve travelled through the Amazon rainforest from Belem in Brazil on the Atlantic Ocean, through Columbia and Peru into Ecuador by river.

Our journey through the Amazon Rainforest on the Amazon and Coca Rivers

It’s been an amazing journey – hot, fun, tiring, lots of bugs, lots and lots of water, lots and lots of trees and getting sick!

The Amazon rainforest has more insects, birds and animal species than anywhere else in the world but when you travel there, what you expect to see and what you actually see can turn out a bit differently!


Heading to the Amazon

We’re sitting in Salvador airport at gate 2, waiting for the first of our 3 through-the-night flights. We’ve travelled from Morro do Sao Paulo, quiet car-free, palm trees and sandy beaches back to civilization today by boat-car-ferry and taxi (which was 90 minutes through fume filled rush hour Salvador) and tomorrow morning we’ll be in Belem at the mouth of the Amazon ready to board our boat and travel nearly 2000km up river to Manaus in the next 5 days.

Mum and the girls will have a cabin. Dad and I will be on deck in hammocks. We will probably swap around. We’re not expecting any WiFi or phone signal!!

Everyone back home will be starting back at school next week. We’ll miss seeing them. Mum & Dad say we’ll be starting ‘world school’ along the river!

When we’re in Manaus we’ll have WiFi again and tell you all about the journey!

This is me in Morro in the little funicular going up to the lovely pool at our hotel!


Only a phone call away

I’ve been following the hoo haa about Nancy being left in the pub by Mum and Dad and felt a touch of empathy as we have encountered a similar situation ourselves. It certainly did not surprise me to read in the news that it had happened to many other parents but what amazed me was the ‘commentators’ who thought these unfortunate children be taken into care immediately or worse! It must be wonderful to be so perfect but I am not sure their kids will want to be escorted to the loo as teenagers, I can see it now:

Mum: Hold my hand Kevin, roads are dangerous.

Kev: That’s SO not cool Mum!

Mum: When you leave home you can do what you like.

Kev: But Mum, I’m 32!

Mum: Exactly and I don’t want you talking to strangers again.

Just what age children can cross the road by themselves is a subject I’ll probably come back to. More

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