A gift to Oxfam

Appropriately I bought a compact travel camera at Amazon which arrived today. Here is a quick test pic, full review to come once I have used it for a bit.

Lara outside the backdoor at Oxfam

Smile, Dad’s got a new camera

Interestingly I resized the photo and saved it as a new file and it kept the EXIF data. Bit geeky but bear with me. More

Only a phone call away

I’ve been following the hoo haa about Nancy being left in the pub by Mum and Dad and felt a touch of empathy as we have encountered a similar situation ourselves. It certainly did not surprise me to read in the news that it had happened to many other parents but what amazed me was the ‘commentators’ who thought these unfortunate children be taken into care immediately or worse! It must be wonderful to be so perfect but I am not sure their kids will want to be escorted to the loo as teenagers, I can see it now:

Mum: Hold my hand Kevin, roads are dangerous.

Kev: That’s SO not cool Mum!

Mum: When you leave home you can do what you like.

Kev: But Mum, I’m 32!

Mum: Exactly and I don’t want you talking to strangers again.

Just what age children can cross the road by themselves is a subject I’ll probably come back to. More

The kitchen sink

Another popular question about our family gap year is how are we going to carry all our stuff? Are we taking a lorry or four wheel drive overland? I am guessing that this is the sort of thing that people have in mind:

Go anywhere transport (Credit kumaka.com)

Perfect for the wilds of Africa where anything else just won’t cut it. More

Family Gap Year Insurance

Princess Eugenie in the Teenage Cancer Unit at...

Mugged in Cambodia

I am not sure I should write this as Mo might change her mind but our flights are booked! More

Being busy is like a drug

My name’s Martin and I’m a workaholic.


Ipad dropped from space!

iPad screens might be tough but when they break they really shatter, I should know! More

We are on Twitter and other milestones!

We joined Twitter a few days ago and just noticed that our tweets are showing up on Google which reminded me that we should really tell the world that you can read about us in 140 characters. @MMBZL is our tag in case you are an avid  More

Nowhere to hide

I always thought it was difficult to get to the top of Google. Just searched for ‘mmbzl’ on Google and we are No.1, very impressed. More

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