The End of The World for Kids

Visiting the end of the world was great fun and luckily not the end of the world for us!

We were in Ushuaia, in the far south of Argentina, Tierra del Fuego, not so far from Antarctica and where there is a lovely national park to explore and three excellent museums to visit. Museums aren’t always fun, but I really liked the ones we went to in Ushuaia.

 Museo del Fin del Mundo

Museo del Fin del Mundo


Hairy Armadillos on Peninsula Valdez

13th March 2013. Today I went in our car to see some Orcas and Elephant seals on the Peninsular Valdez in Argentina but we didn’t see any!

Just a board to tell us about them! The Orcas are also called Killer Whales but are actually members of the dolphin family. They are also called killer whales but they haven’t killed humans except when they are captive. They are the worlds largest predator of warm blooded animals – they hunt seals and penguins and we could have seen this on the peninsular.  They launch themselves right onto the beach to catch them!

We just read the sign! :(

We just read the sign! 😦

Watch this amazing YouTube video to see what we missed More

Ben 10 in Buenos Aires

I had my 10th birthday in Buenos Aires. My family thought it was very funny to call me Ben 10 and give me Ben 10 gifts. My little sister Lara gave me a Ben 10 toothbrush!

Luckily I persuaded them to buy me a finger skateboard and not the cuddly Ben 10!

Luckily I persuaded them to buy me a finger skateboard and not the cuddly Ben 10 at this toy shop in Buenos Aires!

Before my birthday, I wrote a To Do list that looked like this:- More

Iguazu Wonders and Wildlife

We were at Iguazu for a few days. We stayed in Argentina and just across the river Iguazu were Brazil and Paraguay. It was wet and jungly rainforest which we hadn’t seen for a while after being in the Andes. Each day we were in a different country. We crossed the borders about 10 times in a week!  Here are some of my highlights and favourite pictures and wildlife!


You can visit the Falls in Brazil and Argentina. We started in Brazil.  This was pretty much my first view of the falls. It looked amazing but even more amazing when we got on the boat a few days later. We could see the boats down in the river going under the falls!

Me at Iguasu!

Me at Iguazu!


Food and Friends in Cusco

Cusco is a cool place to be for kids! We spent Christmas there and then nearly two weeks more in January. The best thing for me was meeting people and making friends. It’s great making friends everywhere on our gap year but Cusco was especially amazing!

Friends in Cusco

Friends in Cusco

The second best thing about Cusco was food! We ate at some amazing restaurants and the food and friends kind of blended together!

First there was More

My Galapagos Family and Other Animals

We have been living in the Galápagos for a month. We lived in the town of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno in San Cristobal Island, which has a lovely harbour and promenade called the Malecon where we would see hundreds of sea-lions, pelicans, boobies, crabs and iguanas every day.

Spot the sealion, iguana and crab happy together at the harbour in San Cristobal

Spot the sea-lion, iguana and crab basking together  at the harbour in San Cristobal

Amazing creatures in San Crsitobal - a baby sealion, giant tortoise, blue footed boobie and iguana

Amazing creatures in San Cristobal – a baby sea-lion, giant tortoise, blue footed boobie and iguana

I went to the Alejandro Alvear school. I made some good friends there… More

Amazing Amazon Animals – not everything you expect!

The children at Woodridge school have followed our journey and sent us some questions! They asked me to tell them about more amazing animals & insects I’ve seen, after they enjoyed my posts about hairy caterpillars and piranhas.

We’ve travelled through the Amazon rainforest from Belem in Brazil on the Atlantic Ocean, through Columbia and Peru into Ecuador by river.

Our journey through the Amazon Rainforest on the Amazon and Coca Rivers

It’s been an amazing journey – hot, fun, tiring, lots of bugs, lots and lots of water, lots and lots of trees and getting sick!

The Amazon rainforest has more insects, birds and animal species than anywhere else in the world but when you travel there, what you expect to see and what you actually see can turn out a bit differently!


Missing School!

Tomorrow we’re going to be in Manaus in the heart of the Amazon. If I was back home, I’d be going back to school tomorrow instead! I’ve been making loads of friends along the journey so far but I’m still missing my friends back home and I wish I was going to see them all tomorrow for the beginning of Year 5!

You can see on the map in my photos how far we’ve travelled in the last 5 days – about 1500km or more from Belem and we’re planning to travel all the way through Peru to Equador by boat.

When we have been on the river so far traveling up from Belem you can’t really see any wildlife except for a few river dolphins but I keep missing them they pop up and back down so quickly!

When we are in Manaus we will be able to go into the jungle and then we should be able to see some really interesting wildlife including two toed and three toed slothes, piranhas, more dolphins and monkeys.

Meanwhile, here are some photos of wildlife we’ve seen so far in Brazil – a ladybird without spots!? A Boa Constrictor lounging above our heads as we sat and had lunch in a beachside cafe! And some mystery shots! Can you guess what they are?

Pescador – Fishing on Boipeba

I’ve always wanted to fish and any time I see a fishing trip on a board I ask my parents but they just say ‘No, we’ve already booked a snorkelling trip’ or something like that!

I had a brief chance at fishing in Ilha Grande but it was off a boat and I didn’t catch anything. On Boipeba we met some Americans and some Brits and before the snorkelling trip the manager of our Pousada gave us fishing line and hooks so we tried but lost a weight.

Then a local fisherman helped us and brought us prawns as bait but that didn’t work. After saying goodbye to our new friends there was a man standing on the rocks who had a big net!!! He threw the net in and pulled it up with thousands of little fish. Me and Zoe grabbed lots of them and we talked to the fisherman in sign language.

After that there was another local fisherman who we followed to his fishing spot. We stood about 3 metres apart. He showed me how to throw it in. You spin it round your head and then you let go in the direction that you want it to go. It goes pretty far as it has a weight on the end.

Ben fishing with line

Me fishing


Nice bug!

(we are back with better WiFi, expect more posts very soon, lots to tell, MMBZL)

I was walking out the door of our beach house when a most unusual creature dropped on my head. I brushed it off and then I very stupidly head butted the half opened door. I was a bit scared!

Ben with creepy crawly that landed on his head

Scary bug!

We took a close-up photo of the bug. More

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