The dream takes shape

I can’t quite believe that we’ve created a website and blog for our grand adventure plans. What a good feeling, it makes it feel real!

We’ve talked about something like this almost since the children came along but only recently everything seems to have fallen into place and we’ve decided the time is now!!

So the dream is becoming a plan and taking a little bit of  shape. Now we have a huge map on the wall and we look at it together. Zoe studies it and asks ‘Mum, are we going to ……?’ Lara says ‘ where will I be on my Five birthday?’ and Ben, who is most averse to change ignores the map and asks about who will rent the house and what precisely will happen to his stuff? Martin and I ponder whether to head east or west when we head off in July – what a decision!

We have talked to the headmaster at school and started to make plans for home schooling, talked to the local estate agent about letting our home and last weekend visited an adventure travel exhibition, got a ton of information and  carried home half a rainforest of booklets & brochures.

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