Daddy, what about Christmas presents?

Christmas in the Clark household is a bit like a big pass the parcel game, lots of unwrapping and a brief moment of delight at getting something (or a disappointed oh?).

Given that Ben and Zoe were back to playing with their (old) Lego by the Queen’s speech and making a spy mission kit out of the cardboard boxes that the presents came in it crossed our minds, not for the first time, that perhaps our kids are a bit spoiled. The new toys were hardly shabby and plenty of effort had gone into getting the right thing it was just… OK we admit it… it is a struggle as parents, not to give them too much, and living out of a rucksack for a year is going to be great as:

  • We are away from temptation
  • We won’t be substituting toys for time we spend (or don’t) with them
  • They are capable of creating some brilliant games from whatever they can find
  • They can appreciate the few (very small) toys they will have to carry
  • We won’t miss chasing after them to tidy up a sea of toys
  • or standing on a piece of Lego with bare feet!

So the answer to the important question above has been ‘don’t worry, we will have a great Christmas’ followed by some quick distraction tactics. I am sure we will find a few things to wrap up wherever we are on our family gap year although the real question is will Santa and Rudolf deliver to countries with no snow?

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