Being busy is like a drug

My name’s Martin and I’m a workaholic.

Today was a reminder of just how manic our lives are. After almost managing to confirm our flights this morning we got distracted, very easy with work, school pick-ups, urgent calls etc. etc. It is now 9pm and I can still hear all 3 kids resisting being sent to bed, not great for a school night. If parents got a report card we would probably get a ‘D minus’ and a note to try harder.

Technology is a great enabler. Instant, always on, access to email, text, instant messenging and the world wide web has changed how we work. But it also means that there is no easy cut off at the end of the day. We all want to be successful and achieve our goals but I am pretty sure our bosses don’t expect us to check our Blackberry just before we go to sleep and first thing in the morning, but many of us still do!?!

After 20+ years of being manically busy building a business I know that what I will find most difficult is to slow the pace of life down. It is going to be impossible not to keep my iPhone, how else would I blog or check flights, find accommodation etc. But what will help the most will be putting an ‘out of office’ on my company email saying:

‘I am out of the country on an extended trip and not picking up email please contact xxxx if you require assistance’


I am pleased to say the kids are now asleep. We shall try again tomorrow to book the flights.

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