Naked Walls

With only 6 nights before we have to be completely out of our house we actually started packing in anger yesterday. The first thing to come down were our paintings and the naked walls make the house feel very different and not ‘lived in’.

We were concerned about Ben, Zoe and Lara’s reaction when they returned from school but they dashed excitedly from room to room savouring the spaces and showing no sign of distress that their beds and many toys had ‘gone’. Only Lara asked about the missing TV! I think many kids would have a bouncy castle in the lounge rather than furniture?

Oma on Trampoline in Lounge

Something to keep the grown ups happy

Luckily our bed is staying so we can enjoy it for a few more nights but the everyone else had mattresses on the floor. With all the big stuff now gone we can just have a sea of packing crates to put the rest in. I am hoping that Mo’s idea of a Coffee & Packing Morning comes off!

Perhaps it is just me but our gap year is becoming more ‘real’ by the minute.

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