Lara does Ilha Grande

Dad, Ben and Zoe have just left for an ambitious 2.5 hour hike across the island. It’s a chance for Mum and Lara to do a blog and have some quality time! We begin with a small bribe!

Mum : Lara come and do an interview with me and then we’ll have some chocolate!!

Lara and Abraao bay view

Just chilling!

Lara : Ok Mum, come on sit down! Are we going to have MY chocolate?

Mum : Yes, after we’re done! Do you know where Ben and Zoe have gone with Dad?

Lara : they’ve gone! ….. to the beach – the one we went to on the boat the other day.

Mum : How are they going to get there today then?

Lara : I have no idea ! I think they’re gonna swim there in their swimming cossies…Mummy!! you’re annoying me now cos you’re not listening to me!

Mum : Sorry love, I’m trying to write what you tell me! I am listening…Ben & Zoe are going to hike over the mountain.

Lara : Oh my gosh – are we doing an email to them then?

Mum : No, we’re doing a blog post that everyone back home can read about what we’re doing. Why dont you tell me about your bites?

Lara : At first I didn’t have a bites, then I woke up today and I saw I had chicken pox and I got them from last night.

Mum : They do look a bit like chicken pox don’t they! And you were hoping for chicken pox after everyone in your class had them?

Lara : Yes I really was hoping for them but I didn’t get them. First you found them on my face…

Lara with first mossie bites - she got 17 in one night

mosquito bites – or chicken pox?

Mum : and Zoe found some on your arms?

Lara : no she didn’t!, I found them on my finger and arms and shoulders – Zoe didn’t find any! Mummy I think you’ve got a bite on your face – look! there!

We take a break to find the camera to photograph the bites, meanwhile Lara takes the chocolate, gets a strop with me and finds herself on time out!

Some time later…..

I read this back to her

Lara : Mummy you wrote that sneakily, I didn’t say that!

Some time later…..

Mum : Tell me about what we’ve been doing this afternoon?

Lara : Today I’ve done lots of hard work stuff and I’ve done this book and loads of numbers. 8’s I’ve done and 7’s I’ve done and …. what are they Mummy?

Mum : 6’s

Lara's number work!

Look what I did!

Lara : I’ve done loads of 6’s and 5’s and 4’s and 3’s and 2’s and 1’s

Mum : And you tried a 10 didn’t you

Lara : Now I have to colour this roof! (Back to the maths workbook) I’ve been doing stuff in the book what Mummy brought for me and it’s been fun doing stuff with Mummy and I’m thinking about what colour for the chimney now. Mum, can you make an advert? I mean a video? So I can say that I’m colouring these in for Zoe?

Mum : Shall we go for a swim soon?

Lara : But I want to do the whole book!

Mum : What about we have a swim then go into town for an ice cream?

Lara : I know! we should go for the ice cream first and then swim…

Mum : I bet Dad and Ben and Zoe are swimming now at the beach they hiked to?

Lara : They’re taking a long time aren’t they! I’ve no idea how they really went there? are they telling a lie and getting a boat mummy?

Mum : No they’re really walking over the mountain! But maybe they’ll find a boat to bring them back!

Lara : Oh my gosh! What colour shall I do the house?

Mum : What do you think of the food in Ilha Grande?

Lara : I like the fish that Mummy gave me and the chicken with ham in … I like the eggs and bread you give me for breakfast but not the bread I had today.

(Mum went for bread today and didn’t choose the right bakery!)

Mum : Did you enjoy our boat trip the other day ?

lara in lifejacket on boat


Lara : I liked it! I tried to get my life jacket off but Daddy said no…we ended up on the other beach – went up a path to another beach and had some crisps and then we had a swim and we came back and saw mossies and monkeys and someone gave us a biscuit to feed to the monkeys but only Ben did!

Mum : What were monkeys like?

Lara : They were small and really nice and we saw about 4 or 5 and they were trying to get on the floor from the tree and swinging around!

I’m colouring this cat red now and I’m doing the stripes afterwards, OK Mummy? No idea what colour her tail should be?

Mum : Have you learned any Portuguese?

Lara : No!

Mum : What about ‘thank you’?

Lara : Thank you!

Mum : In Portuguese!?

Lara working on her Maths workbook at beachhouse

A hard afternoon working at the beachhouse!

Lara : Mummy please be quiet so I can colour this cat in really neatly…

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Salters and CO
    Jul 27, 2012 @ 04:00:33

    Hope your having a Wonderful time!! Such an amazing experience.. you guys deserve it!! Stay Happy and Healthy!

    Love Chrys, Cathy, Cait, Tim, Jack


  2. freespirit41
    Jul 27, 2012 @ 06:36:49

    Lovely photos and conversation!
    OE xx


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