Lara loves Boipeba

It’s 8.30am. We’re in Boipeba. Mum and Dad are upstairs and there are no children in their bed because there’s a little spiral staircase leading from the kid’s bedroom up to theirs which could be quite dangerous in the dark so it’s out of bounds. All being tucked in under our mossie nets helps! Zoe wakes first and is allowed to come up for a cuddle, then Lara…..

Windy stairs to Mum & Dad’s room!

It’s like we’re snuggled in a big bed in a lovely wooden tree house in the jungle.

Mum : Lara – Shall we get up and go to breakfast?

Lara : No I need a cuddle cos I love you and I stayed in my own bed… that’s 3 nights and I need four more then you’re going to find me a treat… Mummy did you eat any more of that chocolate?

Mum : Yes a little bit

Lara : But is there any more left?

Upstairs in our jungle hideaway

Mum : Yes. Lara, let’s talk about visiting Brasilia so we can do a blog post…?

Lara : Mum, I loved Brasilia … Cos we found my friends, the girls to play with who are so nice – and they said wow about me and Zoe being matching girls in the same dresses and wearing the same pants!

Mum : Ah! You mean here, in Boipeba where we arrived yesterday. Brasilia is the big city we went to that was built in the shape of an airplane. Do you want to tell me about it?

Lara : No. I’m telling you about here…

Mum : OK, tell me about how we got here yesterday?

Lara : We went on a speed boat … But Mummy I don’t wanna talk, I wanna look out the windows cos its like being in the jungle…

We open the shutters around our room – we are surrounded by jungle – its amazing!

Our gorgeous view at Pousada Santa Clara – just like being in a tree house

Its like being in a jungle treehouse We’ve come for the capital city Brasilia, had a whistle-stop day in the crazy colonial city of Salvador and suddenly found ourselves back to nature in the beautiful remote island of Boipeba.

As soon as we stepped off the speedboat from an exhilarating ride through mangrove lined rivers and stepped onto the wide sandy beach and were met with smiles and a wheelbarrow for the bags, we knew we were somewhere special.

Arriving at Boipeba by speedboat

And 5 minute walk along the beach past a couple of quiet beach bars and up a little sandy path found us in the beautiful and tranquil Pousada Santa Clara which is the most idyllic jungle hideaway you could imagine, with understated charm and luxury, really welcoming hosts and a lovely little restaurant serving delicious food.

Gorgeous deserted beaches of Boipeba!

And making our stay extra special, we made friends with some super families with young children from Nigeria, the USA, England and French Guiana. The kids had an amazing time playing together and we had a super time with the grown ups:-)

Boipeba – my new BFF

New friends on Boipeba !

A lovely dinner with the grown ups! Kids tucked up in bed!

We went on boat trips together, had loads of fun on the beach, Ben fished, kids painted pottery at the pousada and we all had a great afternoon at an oyster bar, well more of a rickety pontoon, but where catching lunch was the main event!!

Ben catches our lunch at the Oyster bar!

Counting shells in the sands

Everyone had to head off before us and it was hard waving goodbye. There are going to be many occasions like this I guess! We’ve had a fantastic time and to our new friends who have headed home, we’re missing you!

Lara loves Boipeba, we all love Boipeba. As you might figure, its definitely on our top paradises list!

Ben says goodbye on our last night

Mummy (Five Bags) and Zoe leave our hideaway!

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  1. freespirit41
    Aug 24, 2012 @ 23:41:35

    That’s the kind of island I dream of staying.


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