Amazing Amazon – Diary Day 5

Martin and I spend the first half of the morning sitting at the front of the boat, in the west facing shade and a nice breeze spotting river dolphins – they’re elusive things, they pop up a couple of times then you don’t see them again. They’re a pale pinkish grey and some are quite big – 6 or 7 foot long. But they are too quick for us to get a photo of them!


Ben is hanging out with friends near the hammock playing cards and Zoe and Lara are busy with pens and colouring and games in the cool cabin.

The air con is way too much for me and I had to get into warm clothes to be able to sleep last night in the chilly cabin! Eventually turned off the air con then woke boiling hot very early and got up to watch more unloading of cargo at a small town stop and check on the kids downstairs, both sleeping through all the racket!

As we sit there trying to spot dolphins, there’s a group of men drinking rum and coke just beside us, one playing guitar, the rest singing. It sounds great but nothing we know, then he starts up ‘Imagine’ and tries to get us to sing it! Where were Ben and Zoe when we needed them?! By 10.30am the breeze drops and it gets hot and the men go inside. There are lots more people with young children and babies on the boat now, I watch the little ones just tottering around and wanting to be on the move the whole time and explore, followed by nervous mums trying to keep them safe!! I’m glad our three are a bit bigger!!

I’d like to go for a run! I’m wondering if it will be just too hot to run in Manaus or if there is anywhere to run apart from round the city streets!?

It’s Sunday morning, I see a little crowd coming out of a small church on the riverbank.


At lunchtime, Martin doesn’t feel like eating so the children and I go for the buffet lunch and eat almost a whole chicken between us along with salad, rice, spaghetti and mash potato which Is just delicious!!

Then we pull into dock at Parintins a busy port in a small town and stay most of the afternoon – we get off and feel dry land for a few minutes and see the satellite dish unloaded!


Its pretty hot so apart from a quick stroll on the dock, we hang out in the cool room and catch up on email and loading another blog! Pulling out again we head down river past flooded areas and wonder what it can be like in the wet season!


Ben and Zoe hang around in their hammocks. Pulling out again we head down river past flooded areas and wonder what it can be like in the wet season!



In the evening we decide on a treat and sit in our cabin and watched some Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire together!

Zoe and Ben want a turn sleeping in the cool cabin, mainly because earlier tonight there was a rush of moths in the hammock room so Lara and I go down for a night in the hammocks, most of the lights have been switched off, the moths are gone and the air con is blasting. Lara is asleep in an instant and I don’t have any trouble getting comfy next to her and dropping off too!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Julia x
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 10:22:47

    Amazing Clarky! Hammock room looks like something from another planet.
    All good here in Blighty – sun is shining! Yes really!
    Term got off to a good start for Jamie (who now has contact lenses), but Max is off with a sickness bug. Sleeping under a desk in my office in a sleeping bag.


    • Mo
      Sep 06, 2012 @ 13:22:54

      Hi Julia! Poor Max, you should string up a hammock for him in the office! Shall we mail you one?! Love to everyone. Mo xx


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