A Borneo Adventure and a KL Pit-Stop!

First to Borneo…

After a second month-long stay in Bali we are all too soon saying goodbye to friends again, and flying off, this time, to Sabah, the more easterly state of Malaysian Borneo for 6 days. This was a fairly last minute plan, partly because the flights were ridiculously cheap and partly to see if Borneo lives up to the exotic jungle destination it’s cracked up to be!

Adventures on the Kinabantangan river, Sabah

Adventures on the Kinabantangan river, Sabah

Having seen orang-utans in Sumatra, now we would see them in Borneo, the only other place in the world where orang-utans survive in the wild. Hopefully we will see other wildlife too!  The epilogue in the book we’re reading together ‘Running Wild’, written in 2005, about orang-utans being hunted and losing their jungle to palm plantations, suggests that they could be almost extinct by 2014 given their reducingimage numbers. Thankfully recent research shows that number were not quite so low as estimated at that time but nonetheless, they remain critically endangered and their numbers continue to be reduced.


Sumatra Jungle Adventures

You’ve maybe seen the highlights of our busy December travels through Sumatra, Malaysia, Singapore and back to Bali in our Christmas update….. but these places and adventures deserve their own telling and photos… I’ve been working on a series of catch up blogs for our travels around Asia. This is the first.


Posing with our elephant friends after a morning of scrubbing and showering each other!

When I started compiling this series of catch up posts, we’d just hit our 18 month travelling milestone and two days later we were taking our 46th flight and arriving in our 23rd country – India!  But that’s a few posts further down the line!

Clearly we're not winning any awards for our light carbon footprint over the last 3 months!

Clearly we’re not winning any awards for our light carbon footprint over the last 3 months!


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