Heading to the Amazon

We’re sitting in Salvador airport at gate 2, waiting for the first of our 3 through-the-night flights. We’ve travelled from Morro do Sao Paulo, quiet car-free, palm trees and sandy beaches back to civilization today by boat-car-ferry and taxi (which was 90 minutes through fume filled rush hour Salvador) and tomorrow morning we’ll be in Belem at the mouth of the Amazon ready to board our boat and travel nearly 2000km up river to Manaus in the next 5 days.

Mum and the girls will have a cabin. Dad and I will be on deck in hammocks. We will probably swap around. We’re not expecting any WiFi or phone signal!!

Everyone back home will be starting back at school next week. We’ll miss seeing them. Mum & Dad say we’ll be starting ‘world school’ along the river!

When we’re in Manaus we’ll have WiFi again and tell you all about the journey!

This is me in Morro in the little funicular going up to the lovely pool at our hotel!


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