a blogging we shall go…

What a great idea, create a blog for our family gap year?!!? It feels right and wrong in so many ways:


  • It reinforces the memories
  • Ben and Zoe will practice writing
  • We can stay in touch with family and friends
  • Others planning a family gap year might be inspired (or just read about our mistakes and stay at home watching Hollyoaks which is undoubtedly safer)
  • Something to do on long journeys
  • Writing is fun


  • Aren’t we wanting to just get away from it all, away from technology, constant contact, Blackberries in bed etc.
  • Isn’t it private?
  • What if we write something that offends?
  • The boss will read it and think ******! (OK we don’t currently have bosses but might one day)
  • We might come across as smug sitting on a beach somewhere while you are on the 0655 from Brighton to London, standing room only looking forward to your appraisal?

Actually this is all an afterthought and a bit like our trip we just decided it seemed like a good idea and made it happen. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If you manage to find our blog and read this far, well done, you might be one of a kind! Please add comments and keep us company in cyberspace.

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