I thought you had Zoe?

‘I thought you had Zoe?’ echoed between Mo and me as we got out of our cars. 10 minutes earlier we had both left the same school strings evening with 1 child each when really one of us should have had 2. Not a conversation to have when you have just departed on an overnight train, next stop Ulaan Baatar!

Just seconds earlier I’d had a call from the headmaster saying that Zoe appeared to be alone and wondering if anyone was going to take her home? I am pleased to say that minutes later we were reunited as a family much to Lara’s relief (our very protective 4 year old).

School is probably one of the safest places a child can be, topping even home and many times safer than crossing the road or other things we do each day. So no danger to our daughter and a bit of miscommunication in a noisy room.

What was good to see was that some emergency training flew into action, Zoe didn’t panic and was able to give the headmaster my mobile number from memory and suggest that he call her Dad. The first time this has been used in anger (Ben got close in London shopping at Christmas when I caught him asking someone in the next aisle to call me). Proud Mum and Dad and well done Zoe!

So how safe will our family gap year be?

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