Interview with Zoe – Part 1

Mum interviewed me about our gap year and this is it!

Zoe, what do you think about our plans to travel the world?

I don’t know! I think it’s going to be fun but I’m going to miss my friends and my teacher Miss Jane

What are you looking forward to most?

Well, staying with different people. And well….
I’m going to really enjoy going in really warm swimming pools and that kind of stuff.

What are you going to miss?

Being away from home mostly

Do you think you’ll want to come home?

I’m not sure really!

What do you think about home school?

it’s gonna be fun! Well, it’s gonna be fun because my mum really hasn’t been a teacher before but I think it’s gonna be good because we’re just gonna learn stuff!!

What do you think about missing school for a year?

Well it’s going to be hard to miss it and I love doing art so much

Does anything worry you?

Well not really anything….. alot…. at all (giggle …. Oh why did you write that? …More giggles)
Mum how many aeroplanes are we going to go on?
And how many countries are we going to?

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