Lara is packed already!!

Lara carrying her rucksack

Look at me mummy!

Lara and Mummy’s bedtime chat tonight ……

Mummy: You were busy this afternoon…?

Lara: Yes, I started to pack for our trip so I didn’t have to do so much when we go on holiday and travel round the world. I got my rucksack out and

I packed a blanket, two pyjamas, I think three pants… And clothes… and two Peppa books… and nothing else….

Mummy: No toys?

Lara: Oh yeah! I’m going to pack some toys in the morning. I put teddy in though…

Mummy: Which one?

Lara: Lamb … and I put in Zoe’s torch from under her pillow!

Mummy: Did you remember your toothbrush ?

blue and pink sockies

Two Socks?

Lara: No – or toothpaste. I’ll do it in the morning then I’ll be ready! …Oh I packed socks – two!

Mummy: two pairs or two socks?

Lara: Socks.

I really want to go on holiday right now! Did you know that?

…but I’m going to miss everything here aren’t I!

Mummy: what will you miss?

Lara: Ummmmm My table … Errrrrr actually everything in my room!

But you know I loved packing this afternoon before Ben and Zoe !

(Zoe walks into the bedroom)

Zoe!! Guess what! I packed today – before you and Ben – na na na naa naa!

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  1. Elana Cook
    Jul 14, 2012 @ 12:53:14

    You are a fast packer


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