Messing about in boats

This weekend, we had friends to stay, peeled Martin away from his computer, put packing, paperwork and planning to one side and went out for a beautiful day in the sunshine to Arundel. It was a lovely reminder of what we are looking forward to most from our trip, hanging out together and enjoying life! We had a lot of fun on the boating lake and surprisingly no-one fell in – it was idyllic!

Martin and kids boating

Back to rain, computers, school ,work and preparation today! Its only 58 days before we fly – more scarily, its 43 days before we move out of our home. I started to create a mindmap today to help me ensure we get everything done – its like a project plan for those who are no good at project plans! Then I started mapping out days and weeks left! Taking out half term as a write off, we have less than 6 weeks till we move out – AGGHH !

But things are starting to get ticked off on the home-front – finding tenants for the house, round 1 of clearing out (probably at least another 4 or 5 to go – need to start listing some things in Friday Ad and think about a car boot sale now we know what the tenants want us to leave and what they don’t want!!) , getting things together for roadschool, using up unused Living Social and Groupon vouchers (critical!!!!) Still to go – packing, more paperwork, packing, selling of 3 cars (anyone looking for a car?), packing, organising one more birthday party, a couple of stalls at the school fete and a class camping trip, more packing….

And on the trip front, I think we have almost lined up a couple of months in Ecuador and the Gallapagos after our initial journey through Brazil, we’ve started getting our vaccinations complete at great expense and had an exciting buying frenzy with Lara in the camping section at the pound shop buying torches, an all in one eating contraption with spoon, fork, knife etc, travel clothes line, a funky travel sewing kit and several sticks of sun protectors.

Several people have asked where we’ll be staying for the 13 days between moving out and flying out… Perhaps I should be more concerned but I’m not putting the deadline for solving this problem on the project plan till at least mid June. Anyway, we don’t have anywhere specific to stay for the next 14 months either so may as well start as we mean to go on! I’ll admit to a small amount of panic setting in but I’m sure this is normal when one is less than two months away from such a trip . Can someone remind me why I volunteered to help at the school fete 5 days before we move out ?


team work!

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