The kitchen sink

Another popular question about our family gap year is how are we going to carry all our stuff? Are we taking a lorry or four wheel drive overland? I am guessing that this is the sort of thing that people have in mind:

Go anywhere transport (Credit

Perfect for the wilds of Africa where anything else just won’t cut it. We actually looked into this type of trip as part of the year and had a long chat with Dragoman who do some amazing trips from 2 to 28 weeks in S America but just not for kids which was a real shame as it would be a brilliant experience. We could still do this on a Private Hire if we got another couple of families together (please contact us as we would be up for any length of trip and quite flexible on dates).

We are mainly going to be flying, training, coaching and boating so what we take with us is going to have to fit into our 5 rucksacks, 1 day sack and a messenger bag which total 244 litres of space. My inner geek sent me to Wolfram Alpha where I discovered that this converts to:

  • a 2ft cube
  • a ball 2.5ft high
  • 515 pints (for those that prefer pints)

This does not leave room for the kitchen sink or even the goody bags kids get when flying so I am thinking we will have to be pretty ruthless with our packing and the picking up of souvenirs. The conversation on which toys and teddies to take is going to be interesting!

Once acquired the joy of travelling light is long remembered, all we need is Ben, Zoe and Lara to carry their own rucksacks or Dad will end up as the walking equivalent of this pickup:

A pick-up truck overloaded

The Clark Family baggage after 6 months

How will we get on? We are looking forward to finding out too, starting with a trial pack in the next week or so!

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