A gift to Oxfam

Appropriately I bought a compact travel camera at Amazon which arrived today. Here is a quick test pic, full review to come once I have used it for a bit.

Lara outside the backdoor at Oxfam

Smile, Dad’s got a new camera

Interestingly I resized the photo and saved it as a new file and it kept the EXIF data. Bit geeky but bear with me. The new file still showed all the data from the original image such as time taken, camera model and more scary the exact location the picture was taken and which direction I was pointing (see below). Many new cameras have GPS and can plot all your pics on a map, I am sure useful in 20 years when you are trying to sort your photo collection but in the mean time it is a lot of information to give away. I am thinking unsuspecting celebrity posts pics on their blog from an iPhone (yep it’s got GPS on by default) and their private home is suddenly full of paparazzi or a stalker.

Facebook and Twitter now strip out EXIF data by default (I never knew they cared so much about privacy) but still lots of times photos are used with the EXIF info included.

EXIF Example

A lot of information

If you want to try this yourself just right click on a photo in Windows Explorer and check the details tab.

To find out more on GeoTagging go to I Can Stalk U.com or read up about a celebrity victim.

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  1. Shirley Atkinson
    Jun 21, 2012 @ 07:21:24

    Dont worry. Exif data is not as commonly saved as you might think. Certainly in a small test I carried out with photos online there were no exif details. The iPhone has to have the function turned on – and now by default it is off. Not sure about android phones.

    Have fun!


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