Two in one night!!!

I’ve never sold a car privately in my life except to friends and family and now I’ve sold two in one night!   Not bad as I only put them on Autotrader at the weekend, have had a lot of phone calls but these were the first viewings!  It felt quite sad to wave goodbye to the Toyota, and Zoe shed a few tears!

A parting shot!

We took a deposit for the Mini which goes next week but it’s perhaps best to keep it on the driveway and not risk a prang on the school run!  However, definite cause to celebrate, a big task ticked off and money in the bank to help fund our travels!

We also did a lot of clearance at home today, but the house still looks a tip and none of the boxes have made it into the loft yet!  The kids came home and took everything out of boxes I’d lined up for garage storage and Ben retrieved books Martin had just thrown in the rubbish bin – a 15-year-old road atlas and a manual for an unrecognisable 1990 gadget and asked if he could go and sell them on the pavement outside! I hope he will sell strawberries at Saturday’s school fete with the same enthusiasm!

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  1. Chris lambah
    Jun 21, 2012 @ 05:07:27

    You’re a sweet talking sob Martin!
    Which one have you got left?


    • Martin Clark
      Jun 21, 2012 @ 06:17:53

      Mister Daley if you please Terrence,

      It was an offer they couldn’t refuse so only the Disco left which is useful as not got round to advertising yet. Might take it to the wire instead of getting a hire car?


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