Lara Interviews…

Mum did an interview with me just before we left England and then again this morning about our first days in Rio.

Lara in taxi to Heathrow

En route to Heathrow

Here they are:

Tuesday 9th July 8pm

Mum : Do you know what’s happening tomorrow?

Lara : don’t know!

Mum : what do you think is happening?

Lara : going in a taxi ……. to the airport then we’re going on an aeroplane to Spain!

Mum and Zoe burst out laughing

Lara : oh, I mean Brazil!

Mum : do you know how long we’re going to be on the airplane?

Lara : don’t know

Zoe : 11 hours – is that the longest flight were going on Mum?

Mum : I’m not sure! It might be!

Lara how do you feel about leaving school?

Lara : fantastic! But I miss the school and I love Miss Draper and I love Miss Bolton – (singing) I love Miss Bolton, I love Miss Bolton, I love Miss Bolton Bolton Bolton

Mum : who did you say you would bring along with you in your suitcase?

Lara : oh Miss Draper and Constance and everyone in my class

Mum : what did you think about moving out of our house?

Lara : I wanted to live there for a million and a half weeks

Mum : you’re not missing our house though are you?

Lara : no cos we’re still near it!

Mum : I think you’re very excited?

Lara : yes, I can’t wait till tomorrow I can’t wait till tomorrow I can’t wait till tomorrow!

Mummy when I come back I’ll be 5 and I’ll be in year 1 won’t I?

Saturday 14th July 8am

Mum : tell me about the trip on the airplane

We coloured, we ate but I didn’t eat, we drinked, made friends and played with them, watched some TV, talked to the Captain cause Captains take turns – he came for a drink when I was in the kitchen and I talked to him.

Mum : Did it seem like a long time?

Lara : Yes

Dad : What was the best bit?

Lara : Looking out the window and seeing the sea with clouds in it – and I saw an island and I saw a whale(!!)

Clouds in the sea

Clouds in the sea

Mum : What do you remember about the first day in Rio – the day before yesterday?

Lara: We went to the beach and we made castles and then I wrote my name in the sand with my stick, we walked around the town and had lunch and I had chips and then I got a chocolate cone ice cream. It was lovely but I gave it to Daddy.

Mum : can you remember what happened in the evening?

Lara : you and me got sleepy and fell asleep and Daddy and Benny and Zoe went out for dinner and when they came back we were still asleep and we stayed asleep on the sofa all night!

Mum : tell me about yesterday?

Lara : we went walking it was boring!

Ben and Zoe : Lara, you climbed up a tree and Ben had to help you out of it and we met some girls and talked to them and we went in some playgrounds and then you ran off and Daddy and our friend Alviro had to chase you. And we saw a helicopter flying off.

Lara Climbing to the next tree

Little Monkey

Mum : What about in the lovely botanical gardens?

Lara : We saw lots of really tall trees and we had a running race

Lara wins a running race round fountain

I win!

Mum : What about when we got home?

We’d walked almost 5 miles!?

Lara : We were in the swimming pool and I went down the slide and that’s it!

Mum : What happened in the evening?

Lara : I fell asleep and I missed dinner again and woke up early this morning very hungry and I’m going to have an egg for breakfast! (singing and dancing) I want an eggy now ow ow!

Lara Zonked Out

When a girl just has to sleep

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jo Phillimore
    Jul 15, 2012 @ 17:31:44

    Calum: “Lara is my best fwend… I want Lara, where is Lara….?’


    • Lara
      Jul 15, 2012 @ 18:14:16

      I love you too Calum. I’m in a place called Brazil. I just fell off the monkey bars and hurt myself but you cheered me up, love Lara xxx

      Sent from my iPhone


  2. Chris Lambah
    Jul 15, 2012 @ 21:56:47

    Hey Guys,

    Great post Lara!! You really are getting very, very good at this typing thing.
    Sounds like you’re having lots of adventures already.

    Have fun, and send my live to the rest of the family!



  3. christophlaipie
    Jul 15, 2012 @ 21:59:23

    Wow!! it’s been a busy few days hasn’t it?

    Now I’ve found my password for your blog I can reply to them:-)

    Love, love



  4. Salters and CO
    Jul 17, 2012 @ 15:08:39

    We LOVE reading the interviews… we can hear the children actually saying it!! Hope your having a Wonderful time!!!! Im sure after your travelling is done we’ll get to see you and you can tell us all about it!! LOADS of love,

    Cathy, Chrys, Jack, Cait and tim xxxxxxxx


    • Mo
      Jul 24, 2012 @ 13:54:35

      Hi Salters & Co

      So glad you like the interviews! We had fun doing them too! Working on your request for more:-)

      We are having a fab time, watch this space for more news.

      Hope all’s good with all of you?

      Lots of love, MMBZL xxxxxxx


  5. Tamara
    Jul 26, 2012 @ 10:03:40

    Lara’s interviews are by far my favourite thing to read! Hope you’re all adjusting well xx


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