Jungle Explorers – Trekking from Abraao to Lopes Mendes

This is me, Daddy and Ben ready to go on an adventure to Lopes Mendes beach. We took a rucksack because we need water, long trousers and mossie spray too.

Dad, Ben and Zoe ready to leave on our jungle adventure

Ready to go

This is a map of where we are going just in case we get lost. The map was on Daddy’s iPhone because we couldn’t get the one on the wall off.

Ilha Grande Map

Map of where we are going

We started at the hottest time of day at 12.18pm. We took our time as we walked along because it was so hot. It was very hard to walk uphill. The trail was kind of bumpy.

Ben and Zoe walking through jungle

Walking uphill

We walked 30 minutes before we had a stop to drink water. We felt really, really, really, really hot.

Ben and Zoe Drinking Water

Stop for water

We were at the top of the mountain at this point. It felt really nice to be at the top.

View from trail

Top stop

It was hard to get over this rock to the first beach but that was the only way.

Rope descent onto beach

Abseiling time

This is the first beach it was really sandy as you can see and not very busy.

Palma Beach Ilha Grande

The first beach

This is a mud house we saw on the beach. It was very old and no-one stayed in it.

Mud hut Palma Beach

Mud house

On the first beach we found a swing and Daddy pushed us very, very high. It was fun.

Ben on rope swing

The fun swing

We had to go to Pouso next. We couldn’t find the path because it was right at the end of the beach. Daddy sneakily went and asked someone where it was.

Sign to Pouso

Up the steep rock to Pouso beach

This is me very, very hot, I look boiling but I am not as boiling as you may think. We drank lots of water and had lunch, we stayed in the shade and walked slowly. It became easier and easier as we walked more.

Hot Zoe

Me not boiling!

To get on to Pouso beach we had to jump off a bridge. I was the first!

Ben Jumping from bridge on Pouso Beach

Ben jumping off

At last we got to Lopes Mendes, it was beautiful. We felt really good. I’ve got to admit Ben looks a bit funny in this picture.

Cheer on Lopes Mendes Beach

Lopes Mendes at last

This is a picture of Lopes Mendes. It is the most beautiful beach on the island. When you stepped on the sand it made a frizzling noise like walking on soft sugar. The beach was very long.

Lopes Mendes Panorama

Lopes Mendes beach

(click on picture to get a big view)

The plan was if we walked all the way we could share a can of cold lemonade (we shouldn’t really have this as it is bad for you. Did you know if you are young and have 2 cans of lemonade a week you can get heart problems!*)

Drinking Soda on Lopes Mendes

Lemonade time!

On the way back we saw a monkey and lost Daddy’s posh sunglasses. Daddy lost them because Ben ran off and Daddy had to run after him and Daddy fell over and they fell out of his pocket. Daddy was OK but he got a bit of a scrape on his leg. I had the best injury of the day. I slipped on a rock and got a hole in my knee, I just whimpered a bit and got a few tears. First we walked on and found a little place to get the First Aid kit out and wipe it a bit and put a plaster on it. I was more careful after that.

Monkey near Jungle Trail

Monkey spot

We walked back to Pouso beach and got a boat in time because we didn’t have time to walk home. I wouldn’t have walked home anyway as I was so tired.

The boat home

The boat coming in

We made some friends on the boat because two people were doing press up and sit ups.     I did sit ups and Ben did press ups. We were the best at them. Ben did 30 press ups and I did 20 sit ups, they cheered after we had done them.

Ben doing press ups on boat

Ben doing press ups

We got back just before 6.00 it was kind of dark as the sun went down. Mummy was quite worried and we couldn’t call her as there was no mobile connection. We walked for about 4 hours and Daddy says we covered about 6 miles.

I felt really tired by the end but I felt really good that I had done it all.


* DAD – This was in a newspaper article Mum read to BZL to try and wean them off fizzy drinks and back onto water. They don’t normally have them at home but here there are not always fruit juice options and an ice cold can is very tempting. Probably scaremongering as newspapers never spoil a good story for the sake of the truth but impressed that Zoe remembered this!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Martin Clark
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 14:22:17

    Lopes Mendes was voted the most beautiful beach in Brazil in 2012 but most people get the boat to Pouso and do the short walk through the jungle. We only met a few people on the trail which made it feel a lot more remote.

    That was a really tough walk so well done Ben and Zoe. Can’t believe you had the energy left to do sit ups and press ups!


  2. freespirit41
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 15:59:26

    Fantastic trekking! I bet Daddy was tired too.
    Great photos. You both look so well. Hope you had a swim off the most beautiful beach in Brazil.
    O xx


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