Magnums after Midnight!


We are in the departure lounge in Sao Luis, Brazil. It’s 2.45am, Ben and Zoe are playing cards and we’re eating Magnums!


At Salvador and Fortaleza, Ben’s football and rock aroused some suspicion and there were fears the football would be confiscated or cut open! Ben with his suspicious looking stash, maybe it looks like crack?


Will we still be this lively when we arrive in Belem at 5.15am?! I hope so as we have to head down to the docks, find our boat and load up then head off to buy hammocks and provisions for our 5 day journey. It’s highly recommended to stock up on snacks and aside from having some goodies for us, it would be nice to have some spare for the young kids who apparently perform death defying leaps from their canoes to the boat in order to peddle some local snack or other but apparently are so poor they are grateful for anything the crew or passengers give them. It’s going to be an interesting journey…

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