We are on Twitter and other milestones!

We joined Twitter a few days ago and just noticed that our tweets are showing up on Google which reminded me that we should really tell the world that you can read about us in 140 characters. @MMBZL is our tag in case you are an avid tweeter, bird spotter or like to consume in small doses. It might not tell you much, on the other hand it might be quite enough.

We also have 5 followers on our blog. I know one is my Mum who would probably follow our blog even if we wrote complete drivel (I know what you are thinking but you don’t have to say it!) but thank you to everyone that shows an interest.

We also welcome our youngest author. Zoe is 6 (and a half) and dictated her first ever blog post earlier today, we hope the first of many. There was a big smile when she clicked the mouse to ‘publish’ so we might have her hooked!

If you ask what happened at school we are lucky to get an ‘it was good’ and they are not even teenagers, I put it down to not wanting to have a boring adult conversation when they have just arrived home to toys and tea? Maybe the blog will be a window into our kid’s worlds, how they think, what is important and the memories they take away from our travels?

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