Brad Pitt on travel parenting

Obviously we have a lot in common with Brad and Angie, we have a few kids, travel a bit, been to Cambodia and More

Back to school without the kids!

This week I’ve been on two training courses – both courtesy of Living Social – one to learn about WordPress (web design & build,  on which we’ve designed and built this blog site) and one an SLR photography course.

The WordPress course was my idea to help kickstart my involvement in Martin’s business and I knew whatever I learned would fall way short More

Daddy, what about Christmas presents?

Christmas in the Clark household is a bit like a big pass the parcel game, lots of unwrapping and a brief moment of delight at getting something (or a disappointed oh?).

Given that Ben and Zoe were back to playing with their (old) Lego by the Queen’s speech and making a spy mission kit out of the cardboard boxes that the presents came in it crossed our minds, not for the first time, that perhaps our kids are a bit spoiled. More

Don’t poke yourself in the eye

Mo has just left to go to a photography course with my camera and I am doing what any stereotypical man will do when faced with someone knowing more about a gadget than they do. After over a year and thousands of photos I am actually reading the manual!

I am glad I did. Apparently in California you are advised to More

I thought you had Zoe?

‘I thought you had Zoe?’ echoed between Mo and me as we got out of our cars. 10 minutes earlier we had both left the same school strings evening with 1 child each when really one of us should have had 2. Not a conversation to have when you have just departed on an overnight train, next stop Ulaan Baatar! More

a blogging we shall go…

What a great idea, create a blog for our family gap year?!!? It feels right and wrong in so many ways: More

Nowhere to hide

I always thought it was difficult to get to the top of Google. Just searched for ‘mmbzl’ on Google and we are No.1, very impressed. More

The dream takes shape

I can’t quite believe that we’ve created a website and blog for our grand adventure plans. What a good feeling, it makes it feel real!

We’ve talked about something like this almost since the children came along but only recently everything seems to have fallen into place and we’ve decided the time is now!! More

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